2013–You’re All Mine

There is nothing more inspiring for a blog-junkie like myself, than the last week of December and the first week of January. The pure AWESOMENESS that explodes all over blogs and Pinterest is enough to fire anyone up and make them believe that yes, this will be the best year of their lives. And while this is amazingly fun and empowering, lets be honest, it’s also quite a bit intimidating. Me? Set goals and post them on the internet? Where anyone and everyone can hold me accountable to them? That is daunting. But it’s also powerful, and that is why this year, I’ve decided to quit lurking, quit being afraid of getting lost in the shuffle, and start living a life that I’m proud to share.


In the days following Christmas, posts started popping up on all of my favorite blogs, and left and right I felt like I was being told You can do it! Stop being afraid! This is YOUR year! Whether it was Lara telling me to Make Things Happen, or Emily reminding me to Simplify My Life, or Nancy and Em, encouraging me to set goals. I found inspiration and motivation from beautiful women all over the inter-webs. And so here I am, starting my first blog, and announcing my first goals.


So here is how this is going to go down. I’ve bought a new planner, a new calender, and a new devotional. And I’ve made a list of goals I want to accomplish this year. Each month, I’m going to break them down here on the blog, and then come back at the end of the month to update you all on my status. Here goes nothing….

First up, my goals for the entire year (these are broad concepts, that will be the themes reflected in my monthly goals)

1.  Find a spiritual life and balance that makes me happy.

– Far too often I find myself feeling guilty for skipping church to sleep in or missing a devotional that I’ve started with my YouVersion app. I’m done with this, I’m done with feeling guilty and letting “religion” hang over my head. I love God. And He loves me. And I get to choose the type of relationship we have together.

– I intend to accomplish this goal by doing a year-long devotional with Leah (my very best friend, much more on her later) that will hopefully help me feel more personally connected to Him.

– I’m also interested in exploring different churches. While I love the church I currently attend, I’ve also been a bit turned off by our political differences, and am interested in possibly looking at a more non-denominational church.

– I think friendship, and relationships in general, are key for feeling like you belong at a church. While the sermon could be wonderful and the music inspiring, without a support system around you, it is easy to get lost in a congregation. Trust me, I know. So this year I want to find people in my city that I can connect and worship with.

2. Be healthier.

– This is a difficult one for me. I rarely cook and I’m fairly picky. This means that eating “clean” or doing a cleanse are not feasible options for me right now. So I need to find other ways to stay healthy and feel energized.

– Exercising three times a week is a reasonable goal for me at the moment. Whether it be running, biking, or a class at the gym with my roommates, I am determined to keep up with this.

– I intend to continue drinking copious amounts of water. Owning a Camelbak water bottle has actually been life changing when it comes to water intake. I had no idea how much water I was consume all day long with that thing, it just makes it so much easier to stay hydrated!

– In November, I ran a 5k with my roommate (hello, Turkey Trot!) and it kicked my butt. We have decided to sign up for the Color Run in March and I am setting a goal for myself of running it in less than 35 minutes.

3. Get focused.

– I graduated from college in May of 2012 and have been doing internships and working a part-time job since then. This year, I will apply to graduate school and set bigger goals for my life. This is the most terrifying goal for me and one that I am most nervous to post about.

– Between now and August I need to: study for the GRE, sign up and take the GRE, make a list of graduate schools that interest me, apply to graduate school, and (potentially) move to the city the school I chose is located in. Whew.

4. Remain focused on my family.

– This week, as I participated in Lara’s Making Things Happen posts, I found that the things I was most proud of in 2012 were the amount of time and focus I put towards my family. I have been out of my parents house for almost two years now, but I’m only two blocks down the street from them. This has been wonderful and has allowed our relationship to grow even more. I am extremely determined to keep this up in the coming year.

– My little brother has been struggling in school and since I intend to be studying A LOT this year (see #3) I have decided to make him tag along with me. I really want to help him achieve his goals and finish out this school year on a positive note.

– I would also like to focus more on my extended family this year, by writing them notes and emails reminding them how much I care about them, and by seeing them more often.

5. Be happy.

– This is a broad, catchall category, that I want to use to do things that make me happy and make my days fill more fufilled. These goals may change throughout the year, but as long as they keep me motivated and excited, that is just fine.

– I have a huge chalkboard in my room that I have recently come to love writing quotes on. I want to try and draw a new quote on it each month, and then post it here for you all! This is the most artistic thing I have ever done and I’m really excited to finally have found some sort of way to express my creativity.

– I found that in 2012 I stopped reading. Well, I stopped reading books. I continued to read blogs and magazines like it was my job, but my love for books fell by the wayside. So this year, I will be reading at least one book a month.

– Starting and keeping up with this blog is my major personal ‘fun’ goal for this year. I’m going to try to start off by posting 2-3 times a week. I also want to become more involved in the communities on other people’s blogs. This means less lurking and more commenting.

Alright, if you made it through all that you’re a trooper, I promise that no post here will ever be this long again. Here are my specific goals for this month:

January 2013 Goals

  • Exercise three times a week, starting on January 7th
  • Keep up with my devotional and email Leah weekly to discuss
  • Study for and sign up for the GRE
  • Make a list of schools I’m interested in applying for as well as their requirements
  • Email professors and previous employers for letters of recommendation
  • Take Alex to study at least once a week
  • Post to the blog 2-3 times each week
  • Finish reading The American Heiress
  • (edit) Put instas into yearly instagram book 

Alright 2013, leggo.

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5 Responses to 2013–You’re All Mine

  1. So proud of you, Schmem! I can’t wait to start our devotional together! You’re the best of the best.

  2. emilythomas640846604 says:

    What wonderful goals! I wish you all the best with them and can’t wait to see what you accomplish!!

  3. jenn says:

    i love reading this post! found you through jamie’s blog and glad that i did! i would love to know the books you are reading, emma lou (should i call you emily?)!

    • erharden says:

      Jenn, thanks so much for stopping by! I am actually planning on doing a post on the books I’m planning to read sometime this week, I’m so glad to hear you’re interested in one! I just popped by your blog and WOW. What an amazing photog team you guys are. I cannot wait to see and read more!

      Cheers to new internet friends in the new year!

      And yes, you can call me Emily 🙂

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