Alright well, it’s only January 8th and I’ve already come up with new goals to add to my list for this year, oops! What’re you gonna do, right?!

Sometime last year, 7th House on the Left had a giveaway with Blurb and each of their readers got a free Instagram book! I quickly took advantage of it and LOVED the result. Instagram pictures are my favorite (as you can see from my Bits of Blessings posts) and I adore the idea of having a hard copy of these pictures that so well represent my day-to-day life. So this year, I decided I wanted to create a MASSIVE book at the end of the year with all my instas in it! I decided to try out a couple of different websites, I like Blurb but I sometimes find their software difficult to use. I have used Pinhole Press previously for books and the quality is unbelievable, so that is where I decided to start!

My hope is that if I put the pictures into the book throughout the year then I’m more likely to actually complete it and order it come next January. I decided to start tonight just to get a feel for the template and I thought I would share it with you all!

The first step in my process was to start a new folder in my iPhoto to keep myself organized. I already have my pictures saved by month and year, but now I’ve decided to break them down into Insta-months and DSLR months. You can see on the bottom row here that I started my Insta-January folder.

Picture Org

The second step was to pick my Pinhole Press book. I went with the Icon Series Photo Book. They had tons of different cute graphic covers to chose from and I went with the vintage camera cover with the gray background. It is the first one on the top row pictured below.

Picture 4

The book only has 60 pages in it, and while some pages hold more than one picture, I still don’t think that I will be able to fit all of my pictures for the year into one book. And as the books are $44.99 each, this might become really pricey, really quickly. I’m going to continue putting together the Pinhole book but definitely keep my options open for other sites that might be cheaper and have higher page counts.

Picture 1

As far as using the Pinhole Press website, I found it to be super easy to follow and well laid out. I love a crisp white background and appreciate that they had very little ‘stuff’ going on.

Picture 3

I inserted the three instas that I have on my computer right now into the layout and really like the look. Again, the price and the page count might push me away, but we will see.

The only thing I haven’t figured out yet is how I’m going to incorporate my captions. I really love re-reading the captions I have for the instas and often times they are just as important as the picture themselves. I haven’t found a site that I liked yet that allowed me to add captions on each page without throwing off the layout. I’m toying with the idea of handwriting the captions on each page, we will see.

So that is where this project stands as of now, I’m going to add updating the book to my monthly goals each month and hope that I can keep up with it to spread out a large project over a huge period of time. I’m really excited about this project, I mean, is there anything better than holding your pictures in your hand?! I didn’t think so.

Also, check out Leah‘s wonderful devotional post today, we seem to have hit the jackpot with a great devotional for young women!

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One Response to Insta-Memories!

  1. leah jane says:

    LOVE THIS. If I do the Instagram hash tag at the wedding like we talked about, I’d love to make a book of the fun ones!!

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