Les mots


List found here, graphic by yours truly

I love to talk. Anyone that has none me for more than a few days (let’s be real, hours) knows that I hardly ever shut up. Leah and I often laugh about how I sometimes develop a “talking disease,” during which I can. not. stop. talking. Ever. It’s incredible really. Because of this incessant talking, I like to think that I have a fairly decent vocabulary.

Well, my GRE prep book is here to tell you that I was wrong. Yes, I can throw out some pretty awesome synonyms and sure, I know the plural of strange things like octopus (octopi, octopode, and octopuses are all acceptable) but when it comes to knowing GRE vocab works I fail. Ok, maybe not fail, more like 23/30 questions correct. I know, I know, that sounds pretty good. Not good enough to get me a score that will dazzle the application panels and make them forget that my GPA is not the highest.

When I stumbled upon the list above, I was inspired. Not only to increase my GRE word knowledge, but to also improve my vocabulary in everyday life. Who wouldn’t prefer to hear things like I devoured a scrumptious meal before skedaddling home rather than I ate some good food and went home? I know I much prefer the former.

Happy beautiful sentence crafting, friends!

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