Bits of Blessings




Here we are again, another FREEZING Friday full of wintery weather. Today I spent a full 30 minutes scrapping my windshield. Not cool, Jack Frost, not cool at all. Despite the weather, this week was a good one, lets focus on the positive, shall we?

IMG_2299I have a thing for paper signs. I’ve made one for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and now Valentine’s Day! A little decoration goes a long way in a gloomy post-grad apartment.

IMG_2308The most wonderful event this week was when my roommates and I adopted a kitten! Meet Mowgli (think The Jungle Book). He is a ferocious little kitty that meows CONSTANTLY (let’s hope that ends soon). Mowg was skittish at first but is warming up to us quickly, as can be seen in the picture above. I’m kind of obsessed.

IMG_2313And last but not least, a little dessert to make your mouth water. I may work at a high-end bakery, but I’m still a sucker for Pilsbury Cinnamon Rolls, nomnom.

Have a glorious weekend, peeps, and keep warm!!

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