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Thumbin’ my way into North Caroline

Having a love for one’s home state is not a new idea, but lately, all over Pinterest there have been different pieces of art and even jewelry designed specifically for “reppin’ ” one’s state of origin. North Carolina is my … Continue reading

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Making Things Happen 2013.

Friends, last week, on Wednesday to be exact, something happened that will most certainly change me, forever. But let’s back up just a bit. In 2010, Natalie Norton lost her sweet baby boy, Gavin, to pertussis. During her family’s struggle, … Continue reading

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Bits of Blessings

When I log onto facebook and see my friends posting things like TGIF and “So happy it is the weekend!!” I often feel incredibly bitter. Still working an hourly wage job that has random hours means that I never get … Continue reading

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Bedroom Tour ’13

One of the biggest reasons I started this blog was to document this time in my life, so that in 10 or 15 years I can look back and remember what the first year after college was like, what my … Continue reading

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Bits of Blessings

Well, this is two weeks of blessings rolled in to one, so let’s be extra thankful this weekend, eh? A little humor from a best friend during a Carolina loss. Despite this loss, I know I’m blessed to have friends … Continue reading

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Comin’ to Jesus Blog Moment

I’ve been reading blogs for about four years. Not an eternity, certainly not as long as some of my favorite, or some of the most famous bloggers. But in comparison to most of my friends, I’m a seasoned blog reader. … Continue reading

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Emma Lou Reads: ‘The American Heiress’ Review

Well, I did it! I finished my January book with 4 days to spare, high five for me! As I mentioned earlier this month, the book I chose to start the year with was ‘The American Heiress’ by Daisy Goodwin. … Continue reading

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