January Goals Review –> February Goals

A favorite quote that I found this week, and a favorite few in the mountains of NC.

A favorite quote that I found this week, and a favorite view in the mountains of NC.

Well Happy February, everyone!! Hooray for completing the first month of 2013, I hope it was splendid for you all.

At the end of each month/beginning of the next I want to review my goals here and post my new goals, so here it goes!

My January goals were:

  • Exercise three times a week, starting on January 7th (I’ve done a really great job at this, with the help of my roommate, and am proud to say I’ve been enjoying each trip to the gym!)
  • Keep up with my devotional and email Leah weekly to discuss (Done and done!)
  • Study for and sign up for the GRE (I’ve been studying, slowly but surely. However, I’m not sure what date I want to sign up for yet)
  • Make a list of schools I’m interested in applying for as well as their requirements
  • Email professors and previous employers for letters of recommendation (Still waiting to decide when I’m going to apply)
  • Take Alex to study at least once a week (This has only happened twice, but we are working on a better schedule)
  • Post to the blog 2-3 times each week (Hooray! I’ve had mostly 2 per week, with a 3rd thrown in there every now and then)
  • Finish reading The American Heiress (Review coming Monday!)
  • (edit) Put instas into yearly instagram book (Working on this more today!)

All in all, I’d say I did pretty well in January! Here are February’s goals:

February 2013 Goals

  • Continue going to the gym at least 3 times a week
  • Keep up with our devotional
  • Attend church at least twice this month
  • Start and finish reading Peter Pan (wait until you see the gorgeous copy I got at Barnes and Noble!)
  • Find a part-time babysitting job to bring in extra money for savings
  • Start and stick to a budget (based on Nancy and Em’s recommendations–thanks so much for these series, ladies!!)
  • Send two happy notes/packages to friends this month
  • Design, print, and mail invitations to Leah’s bridal shower by Feb 23rd

Happiest of Fridays to you all, see you later tonight for Bits of Blessings!

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