Comin’ to Jesus Blog Moment


I’ve been reading blogs for about four years. Not an eternity, certainly not as long as some of my favorite, or some of the most famous bloggers. But in comparison to most of my friends, I’m a seasoned blog reader. I follow over 100 sites on my Google Reader and I spend a considerable amount of my ‘me time’ checking up on my favorite bloggers.

For probably the past two years I’ve heard family and friends constantly egging me to start my own blog. If you love them so much and you know so much about them, why don’t you just do it!! They would say. And I would laugh and shrug them off and mumble something about having nothing to write about. Oh, but they knew that wasn’t true. I am never without a quick comment or a story, there are very few quiet moments when I’m around. That makes no sense!! They would reply.

But I knew the real reason I couldn’t possibly start a blog. The real, honest, ugly reason I refused to start a blog? I was scared. Scared of so many things. Of being lost in the shuffle, of being stuck in one of those terrible template sites that I cringed when I opened in my browser. Of being mocked or making people angry or even worse, of being ignored. I feared so deeply being lost in the fray. I watched other bloggers grow more successful and wasn’t necessarily jealous of their fame or the money their blogs brought in, I just envied their influence. I envied their abilities to help people and to make people feel something when they read their posts. I want to help people. I want the communities that I see other bloggers joining and creating.

I’ve been tucking blog tips into the farthest corners of my mind for these past four years. I’ve read all the posts that say the same thing. Pick something you know a lot about and focus on that. Readers want consistency. You can’t be all kinds of bloggers rolled in to one. I read their words and I knew that technically, they were true. You reach a more passionate, interested group of people by focusing on one thing that you care about. But as I began to read more blogs and hone in on the blogs that really set my heart on fire, I realized that these women blogged about what set their hearts on fire, whatever that may be. They post about their families, their friends, products and clothing they love, quotes that inspire them, their faith, music, budgeting, and everything else under the sun. And that is how these women inspire people, by sharing all the things that make them who they are.


And that is what I want to do. I want to share me, all of me. I don’t want to have to worry about posting short, concise, mass-appeal posts. I want to write and write and have my words pour out on these pages and be able to look back on this time in my life and remember how alive I feel. I am terrified of the future. I am confused beyond belief. But I am so very excited, I’m exhilarated. And I’m ready.

Things are going to be a bit different here. I’m not dropping the two series that I’ve started, because their intentions are pure. Bits of Blessings is meant to be a weekly reminder of the many beautiful people and things He has placed in my world. And Emma Lou Reads is meant to push me and remind me of one of my goals. But there will be more personal, more self-reflective posts coming up.


So, here I am, one month into my blogging adventure and I’ve already decided I’ve been doing it all wrong. But that is just fine with me. Let’s figure this adventure out together, eh? I’m going to find that community I crave, I just know it.


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One Response to Comin’ to Jesus Blog Moment

  1. leah jane says:

    Adore this. Adore you.

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