Bits of Blessings

Well, this is two weeks of blessings rolled in to one, so let’s be extra thankful this weekend, eh?

IMG_2344A little humor from a best friend during a Carolina loss. Despite this loss, I know I’m blessed to have friends that make me laugh, and a love for a basketball team through thick and thin.


I am oh so blessed by this little kitten! He is quite annoying, but I do love snuggling with him the early hours before work each day.



So many blessings in one picture!! Last week I went to the dentist and for the first time in FOREVER, I got a report of no cavities! I then got to spend the rest of my day cuddled in bed, reading a magazine I love and catching up on blogs. Thank you Lord for lazy days.



Hooray for nights out with best friends!!!



After said night out, I had a delicious breakfast with best friends. I then was blessed with what I lovingly refer to as freakin’ awful hangover. But the double dose of water and OJ was very helpful.



Another very helpful thing was the deliciously greasy and unhealthy breakfast that followed.



I love thrift stores, but typically they overwhelm me. I always need a partner in crime. This particular day my little brother and my mom accompanied me and we found an AWESOME trophy for our future Fantasy Football League. Cannot wait for next fall.



A favorite new outfit and the first time I’ve been able to paint my nails in weeks (I wash a lot of dishes at work, painting nails is usually a fruitless task.)

And that was a quick summary of my last two weeks. Lots of working and early mornings mixed with some great friends and funny moments.

Hope your weekend is wonderful, friends!







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