Bits of Blessings

When I log onto facebook and see my friends posting things like TGIF and “So happy it is the weekend!!” I often feel incredibly bitter. Still working an hourly wage job that has random hours means that I never get to have two days off in a row and I really never get a weekend off. Weekend? You mean random Tuesday that I get to spend cleaning my apartment? Thats what I thought.

Because of this, I am exhausted. All the time. I am working 6 day weeks and it is hard. But!! Fear not, there are still many happy things in my life, many things I am thankful for. And here is this weeks dose of Bits of Blessings…

IMG_2420Since I live, work, and play with pretty much all the same people, we at least all understand what it is like to have no weekend. So! We all end up going out together very late at night, even when we have to work early the next morning. You’re only young once, right?

IMG_2422Last Sunday, I had the most incredible opportunity to see Geoffrey Canada, one of my idols, speak at Guilford College. Canada is an amazing man who grew up in the Bronx and now runs the Harlem Children’s Zone, a social experiment designed to improve education in tough neighborhoods. I have so much to say about Canada and am working on a reflection post regarding the talk.

IMG_2433Our little kitten, Mowgli, is getting bigger by the day but he still will NOT STOP MEOWING. It is starting to drive me bonkers. Good thing he is so cute.

IMG_2434Anyone that knows me knows that I love to call people chicken. It is a term of endearment that I save for my most favorite people. When I got this chicken valentine in the mail on Wednesday I was BEYOND excited! Thank you, Kate!

IMG_2440Speaking of Valentines, I had to work Thursday evening (I’ve worked the last 6 Valentine’s in a row..ugh) but I was working with two of my best friends. Our other two best friends sent us flowers to cheer us on!

IMG_2457Last night was my friend Holly’s 21st birthday!!! She is adorable and so sweet and we had the best time celebrating with her.

IMG_2458More fun late nights with my work girls!

Hope that everyone had a blessed weekend, I’m heading in for a night shift and cannot wait for my day off on Tuesday!








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