Making Things Happen 2013.

Friends, last week, on Wednesday to be exact, something happened that will most certainly change me, forever. But let’s back up just a bit.

LaraCasey_9_LaptopIn 2010, Natalie Norton lost her sweet baby boy, Gavin, to pertussis. During her family’s struggle, Natalie’s blog was linked to all over the internet, to rally the prayer troops for little Gavin and all of the Nortons. I found her blog and followed her story, through Gavin’s short, powerful life and have kept reading ever since. The Nortons are incredible people, they are a strong, faithful, fun loving family and I have been blessed by the lessons of strength and perseverance they have taught me.

Natalie’s blog eventually led me to Emily Ley, Gina Zeidler, and Lara Casey. These four women are incredible friends and the most amazing role models. I have been following their lives for three years now and am constantly in awe of the incredible businesses and personal lives they maintain. They aren’t perfect, and they never act as if they are, but they believe in grace, not perfection (as Emily would say) and they’re passionate about sharing that with others.

These friends met after attending Making Things Happen, an intensive Lara created to help creatives lead more purposeful, fufilling lives. They have visited over 30 cities and have touched 700+ lives with the intensive that Lara, Emily, and Gina now lead. In many ways, I owe Baby Gavin with leading me to these women and this incredible opportunity, that little guy has changed so many lives.


I have always loved reading recaps of these events and day dreaming about what it would be like to attend one day. I always knew I could never afford it and to be honest, I never felt there was really a place for me there. When I read blog posts about it I was so envious of the incredible businesswomen, mothers, and just all around STRONG people that attended.

This year, Lara Casey held a scholarship contest for two seats, all you had to do was comment on her post with what you wanted to make happen this year to enter. And you know what, friends? It took me almost two weeks to work up the nerve to comment. But comment I did, knowing full well that I NEVER win contests and that I was only doing this to make myself stop thinking about it.

Picture 1


And then on Tuesday I was walking to the gym and again, day dreaming about MTH, when I decided it was high time I prayed about this experience. And so I did. I prayed that I would one day be given the opportunity to meet these women who I look up to, that I would be able to experience the incredible support and community this event creates. But I knew full well that this wasn’t my year, I was just sending up a little prayer for the future. My goodness, He knows exactly what I need and when I need it.

On Wednesday, through the grace of God, some amazing peeps (you know who you are) worked to make sure that I would be able to attend MTH 2013. CHICKENS, I AM GOING TO MTH 2013. I still cannot believe I’m typing those words. No, I didn’t win the scholarship (Congrats Kendra and Kandace, cannot wait to meet you next month!) But the universe did some incredible things to make this journey possible for me. When I found out that it was happening, it was REALLY happening, I started shaking and laughing and crying all at once.

This means so much to me, friends. No matter how nervous I am going in to these two days or what happens on the other side of them, I know that this is where I’m meant to be. I know that His plan is greater than mine, that this is an important moment.


Oh my good golly, I am so unbelievably ready for this. I’m ready. Like I said back in January, 2013, you’re all mine :).


All images via Lara Casey’s new AMAZING blog and its downloads page!

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7 Responses to Making Things Happen 2013.

  1. leah jane says:

    Could not be more excited for you! I think an outfit shopping trip is in order 🙂

  2. Margaret says:

    Congrats! They really are some of the most inspirational women – ever. I am SO JEALOUS and SUPER HAPPY for you. I think it will be life changing. Following your blog to see where all this takes you 🙂 Xo

    • emmalou says:

      Thanks so much, Margaret! Just clicked through to your blog and WOW, you are crazy talented, girl! Looks like you have some big things in store for you this year too!

  3. I just stumbled upon your post from Jenny Conklin’s Made by Moxie blog! I am also going to MTH and wrote about my anticipation too! I am so excited and felt the same exact way when I didn’t win the scholarship! But by then I knew I HAD to go! It was in my heart. Glad we were courageous enough to make it happen and register! 🙂

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