Thumbin’ my way into North Caroline

Having a love for one’s home state is not a new idea, but lately, all over Pinterest there have been different pieces of art and even jewelry designed specifically for “reppin’ ” one’s state of origin. North Carolina is my home, sweet home, and I have nothing but love for this beautiful land. We have fantastic beaches, breathtaking mountains, and everything in between. I thought I would do a round up of my favorite state pieces, all focused on NC of course, but most of them can be ordered for whatever state one pleases! Feast your eyes!


This is one of my absolute favorites! I was actually gifted a similar necklace by Leah for my birthday/graduation last May!

83ff356a4b5fa1a73f97e66524daff32Of all of the artwork featuring North Carolina, I particularly enjoy the ones showing different cities. I hail from Greensboro, right in the middle of the state, and I always appreciate a little acknowledgment of my city.


This STUNNING piece is by the incomparable Katie Daisy. I am constantly in awe of her creations and this is no exception. From the tiny trees drawn on both ends of the state to the beautiful mix of greens, blues, and everything in between, I just adore it.


Another beautiful water color print, and this one is only $10! I’m not sure why I haven’t purchased this one yet.

fde3429052d0bd9672ab6edaf1e47b66And finally, a little car art. Why not display your love of your home (whether it be your birth state or your adopted home) on the back of your car?

I hope you’re all loving your homes right now, and if you’re missing a state (or a city or a country) I hope that these ways of honoring your favorite places help ease the hurt!

1/2/3/4/5 (can’t find a link for this one, but I know you can buy them locally in GSO)

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2 Responses to Thumbin’ my way into North Caroline

  1. Margaret says:

    Looveee Katie Daisy as well. Such fun finds!

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