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Breaking the Radio Silence

(/) Hello, my friends! And my apologies for the radio silence this week. After going to MTH two weeks ago, I came home with all of these ideas for the blog. Plans for posts, plans for redesigning my header, plans … Continue reading

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Oh Me Oh My!

Friends, I. Am. Tired. Here is a glimpse of what my last few weeks looked like: Worked 11 days straight (not an exaggeration). Went to MTH for 2 days and had the most AMAZING time. Worked for 6 days following … Continue reading

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You are and I am

(/) Friends, this past week was life changing. My time spent at Making Things Happen in Chapel Hill, NC was so wonderful, so incredibly awesome, so overwhelming, that I’m still processing everything. I’ve got ideas, big ones. For this blog, … Continue reading

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I’m Starting Today

Well friends, as you read this, I am attending Making Things Happen. As I’ve mentioned previously, this opportunity is a huge blessing for me and I still pinch myself thinking about how lucky I am to attend. I’m actually not … Continue reading

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Inspiration for the Week: Pillows

During my one free hour this weekend, I found myself hanging out on my Pinterest boards, looking for something cute to post about or a quick craft I could accomplish. While I didn’t come across anything earth shattering,  I did … Continue reading

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Bits of Blessings

It has been a few weeks since I rounded up my Instagrams, I’ve been a busy bee at work, but oh my how I have been blessed! Here is just a tiny dose of my life right now: Last week, … Continue reading

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Kate Spade Inspired Bridal Shower

My bestest friend, Leah, got engaged to her wonderful boyfriend last January and ever since we have all been day dreaming and brainstorming ideas for her bachelorette party, bridal shower, and the actual wedding! Now that we are less than … Continue reading

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