February Goals Review –> March Goals!


My oh my, February literally FLEW by, it was incredible how quickly this month came to an end.  I have been working like crazy, sometimes 50 hour weeks, which is making for great paychecks and great additions to my savings account, so I’m very thankful for that!

Let’s do a quick review of last month’s goals before I list my March plans.

My February goals were:

  • Continue going to the gym at least 3 times a week (I’ve actually begun running outside as well as going to the gym, so I’ve been active at least three times a week!)
  • Keep up with our devotional (We have started to slack off on this, I need to make a more concrete schedule)
  • Attend church at least twice this month (I didn’t end up going at all, I’m having trouble rectifying some political differences I have with the church I have been attending, I’m considering either trying a new church or giving this one another chance)
  • Start and finish reading Peter Pan (wait until you see the gorgeous copy I got at Barnes and Noble!) (I have started Peter Pan, but I actually started and finished a different book this month called Sarah’s Key, a review coming soon!)
  • Find a part-time babysitting job to bring in extra money for savings (This was a big fail, I contacted some families but haven’t been able to find one yet)
  • Start and stick to a budget (based on Nancy and Em’s recommendations–thanks so much for these series, ladies!!) (I have been doing a really good job at this! I’ve implemented an envelope system that I am absolutely loving, and it has allowed for extra expenses like MTH!)
  • Send two happy notes/packages to friends this month (Yes! Multiple notes got sent out to peeps this month!)
  • Design, print, and mail invitations to Leah’s bridal shower by Feb 23rd (Done!!! A post reviewing these coming up soon!)

While not all of the goals were completed, I still feel incredible accomplished this month! And here we go for next month:

March 2013 Goals

  • Find a new book to read this month, head to my local library to find some good ones
  • Run at least 8 miles a week. I have started running 2 miles fairly easily, and I want to work up to running a 5k as often as I can
  • Finish Lara Casey’s goal planning series before MTH on March 13-14
  • Attend MTH and really focus on my goals for this year
  • Celebrate my Mom’s birthday in a fun, and cost effective way
  • Go to NYC for Leah’s Bach Weekend and have an AMAZING time with my best friends

March is going to be full of a lot of fun weekends (and weekdays!) and I for one am THRILLED to start it off on the right foot today! I’m off for a run!

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One Response to February Goals Review –> March Goals!

  1. leah jane says:

    We have been slacking off with our devotional. Let’s make a better sched!

    Can’t wait to see the post about the bridal shower invites (which I LOVE!) and for the bach!!! eek!

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