Guilty Pleasure

Anyone that shops at Forever 21 on a regular basis knows the cardinal rule of returns there…store credit only. As an avid Forever 21 shopper, I must say I was fairly disappointed in myself when I forgot this rule during a shopping trip last week. After buying a skirt and then returning it a bit later, I found myself out $24. While at first I found this discouraging, I then realized that I was now REQUIRED to spend $24 on something new and fun for myself, so it all ended well.

Friday morning I headed to the mall with 2 hours to kill and my precious gift card tucked safely in my otherwise empty wallet. I thought it might be fun to document this little splurge for you guys, and to peruse what Forever has to offer for us going into Spring!

IMG_2528I promise that I’m repainting my nails today, although I’d be lying if I said they hadn’t looked like that for the entire week (washing dishes all day everyday will ruin your hands).

IMG_2529Upon entering the store I immediately fell in love with this army jacket. I slowly backed away from the table, as I was wearing one of the two army jackets I’ve already bought this season. But the little voice in my head kept saying but it has studs…..

IMG_2532And then…..and then I found this. This beautiful creation that I have since stalked down on and pinned. I will be purchasing this on payday, don’t you worry. It is just SO PERFECT.

IMG_2534The neons in Forever are actually slightly blinding, I’m still recovering.

IMG_2535My dressing room haul, apparently I have a thing for denim, gray, and black?

IMG_2536My lack of creativity became incredibly apparent when I took this picture of a cute winter outfit and…..

IMG_2537….directly following that I tried on the same outfit in a summer version. Whoops. While all of these staples were cute and fit, I decided that I wanted to spend my gift card on something a little more exciting. So! I ventured into the accessories section, where you get the most bang for your buck.

IMG_2539First I fell madly in love with this purse, and then tore myself away from it ($34 is too much for a clutch from Forever if you ask me). After 30 minutes spent looking at every pair of earrings they have to offer, here is what I came home with in the end:

IMG_2541Hooray for three dainty necklaces and nine pairs of earrings for $19!! You can’t really tell, but the smallest gold one is a tiny smiley face, I’m obsessed with it. With all of them, really. And I still have $5 left to put towards my new jacket!!

It was definitely a successful trip, if I do say so myself. I have just one final comment and a single complaint regarding Forever:

IMG_2538Would it kill them to put a stool/chair/shelf in the dressing room!? I’m sick of throwing all my stuff on top of my jacket on the ground!! And my dressing room didn’t even have a handle on the door….rude.

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