Oh Me Oh My!

IMG_2658Friends, I. Am. Tired.

Here is a glimpse of what my last few weeks looked like:

Worked 11 days straight (not an exaggeration).

Went to MTH for 2 days and had the most AMAZING time.

Worked for 6 days following MTH.

Tomorrow, I work 8-3 and then leave straight from work to drive to D.C. (5 hours) to stay with a friend for the night because I have a job interview on Thursday morning. Thursday, I’m getting up at 6am to head into DC where my interview will last from 8-12. I then have to drive back to NC (to Raleigh) to stay with Leah because my flight leaves from RDU at 6am on Friday for a weekend in New York.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m so very excited about the next 5 days, but I’m already beat. I need a nap. I’m so glad I get a girls weekend and I know it will be incredible but I’m even more thankful that I took ALL day Monday off to do nothing but have “Emily time.”

I have so much I want to do, so many ideas for this blog, so many MTH lessons I want to implement, so much sleeping I want to do! And so little time.

Argh, wish me luck and say a quick prayer for me this week, peeps, I’m gonna need it.

P.S. I absolutely promise an MTH recap next week, I cannot wait to share what I learned here!

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One Response to Oh Me Oh My!

  1. leah jane says:

    I took Monday off too! Cheers to a day spent in bed with Netflix!

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