Breaking the Radio Silence


Hello, my friends! And my apologies for the radio silence this week. After going to MTH two weeks ago, I came home with all of these ideas for the blog. Plans for posts, plans for redesigning my header, plans on plans on plans! And then I started to really get down to it and realized that I’m not really sure how to do all that. I have very little knowledge of blog design, and the tutorials I’ve googled have overwhelmed me tremendously. I also came home to my busiest week of the year, with a trip to DC, to Raleigh, to NYC, to Raleigh, and back home. So all my grand plans for recap posts and a new posting schedule were quickly squashed.

But you know what, that is kind of the beauty of MTH. I came home with all these plans, only accomplished a few, but I’m not all that discouraged. My time at MTH taught me first and foremost that I can and SHOULD do what matters, and that is what is most important. And you know what? Last week, job interviews and celebrating friends were more important than blog revamping. I am so very glad to have this perspective.

And now that I’m home, I have finally had a chance to sit down and make a plan, and to even accomplish parts of it!

When I first started this blog, I thought that it would be easier to come up with posts on the fly. Some of my favorite bloggers post on a whim, deciding what to write about the day of. I could do that too, right? Wrrrroooonnnggg. I have a crazy, weird schedule with work these days and can never find the time each day to just randomly write posts. I. need. a. schedule. And I need to plan ahead. I like having scheduled and consistent topics, and some of my favorite bloggers have scheduled posts too, so that is not too weird.

So this past week, I’ve been working out a schedule, planning out my posts for this next month, and getting some in the queue and ready to go. And things are going to kick off on Monday! I’ll explain more next week what the plans are for each day, but I’m really really excited about it!

As for the blog/header redesign. I’m still doing some research and trying to figure things out, I’m either going to keep googling like a fiend or I’m going to start saving my tips to hire someone to help me do a really simple redesign. We will see.

Either way, I’m really excited and proud of myself for getting this all worked out! Here goes nothing!

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One Response to Breaking the Radio Silence

  1. Margaret says:

    So excited for you 🙂 I will do some (complimentary) redesign stuff for you if you’d like… I could definitely do a header and some buttons (when I’m done with the wedding and honeymoon). No pressure, just an offer! Let me know! xoxo

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