March Goals Review –> April Goals!


I’m sneaking in a little goals post during this big, blog revamp week. Lets quickly review my March goals, here they are!

  • Find a new book to read this month, head to my local library to find some good ones (Total success! Checked out 4 books and completed one!)
  • Run at least 8 miles a week. I have started running 2 miles fairly easily, and I want to work up to running a 5k as often as I can (Umm, I have been running regularly but I’m not up to 8 miles a week yet)
  • Finish Lara Casey’s goal planning series before MTH on March 13-14 (Check! I finished and then reviewed the goals in advance of MTH)
  • Attend MTH and really focus on my goals for this year (Whoa, what a game changer this was, more coming Monday about how MTH changed my heart and life in so many ways)
  • Celebrate my Mom’s birthday in a fun, and cost effective way (Well, I made an awesome birthday sign and Dad bought a karaoke machine, so I’d say this was a success!)
  • Go to NYC for Leah’s Bach Weekend and have an AMAZING time with my best friends (YES!! Such an amazing weekend, post coming next week!)

So, I’d say March went fairly well! Here are this month’s goals:

April 2013 Goals:

  • Successfully co-host Leah’s bridal shower
  • Post on the blog five days a week, Monday-Friday
  • Read The Marriage Plot before it is due at the library!
  • Go to bed before 11pm on the nights I have to work at 7am or 8am
  • Continue exercising three times a week (this is the one I really need to work on)
  • Search for an apartment in DC

Cheers to working hard this month but also enjoying spring! I love spring in North Carolina so very much.

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One Response to March Goals Review –> April Goals!

  1. Terri says:

    Your mom can’t stop talking about her karaoke machine. She loves it. Now, the rest of us are cringing!

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