Emma Lou is Blessed: April 5, 2013

TA DA!!! You made it to the end of this blog revamp week! Let me just say a huge-freaking-thank you to everyone who has read the blog this week. I was so overwhelmed by your kindness and I cannot think you all enough. Fridays are now named Emma Lou is Blessed and will feature a picture (most likely an Instagram) from the week that represents something I’m thankful for!

photoThis weeks blessing focuses on two things:

1. Snail Mail. Is there anything better than getting things in the mail?! Lately I have been blessed enough to receive at least one letter/card a week which is AMAZING if you ask me. I just love it so much.

2. Friends. My goodness I have been blessed with some awesome friends. After posting my blog this week, that was made even clearer! Look out for a post next week explaining these cards (and the #mrsleahcagwin hash tag!)

So cheers to keeping this short and sweet, I hope you have the best weekend! I will be co-hosting a bridal shower and enjoying the sunshine (with a couple of work shifts thrown in there). What’re y’all up to?

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