Emma Lou Believes In: Adventure Sandwich

Happy Tuesday, chicken noodles. Today’s post is all about imagination, sandwiches, and cardboard. Confused? Watch this four minute video and you won’t be for long.


So, what’d you think? Pretty awesome, right? For those of you that didn’t watch the video (slackers), I’ll give you a quick summary. Adventure Sandwich is a (soon-to-be) children’s show that focuses on bringing back what used to make children’s shows great. Their Kickstarter page explains it all, but here is a little blurb to give you an idea of what they’re working towards:

“Adventure Sandwich is inspired in part, of course, by the high-quality children’s television that influenced us when we were kids: Pee-Wee’s PlayhouseTheAdventures of Pete & PeteMister Roger’s Neighborhood & All Things Muppet.

The magic ingredients that made those classics succeed are the same ones we’re using in our recipe for Adventure Sandwich : creative content that can be appreciated by more than just the 12-and-under crowd, a focus on emotional intelligence, incredible original music & art direction, a wonderfully weird world where stories and characters can flourish, and fun interactive elements to boot.”

Awesome, right? And the fact that they make all of their props out of cardboard (and then recycle it all) is so cool, I just love the way the sets look. I mean, check out this sandwich!!


Love Adventure Sandwich as much as I do? They’ve got 5 days left of their Kickstarter campaign and are about 80% of the way towards their goal of $30,000 to film their pilot. Hop on over and donate whatever you can, because don’t we all want to see more imagination and fun on TV and less teeny-bopper, technology filled shows?

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