Emma Lou Loves: Best Friends and Bachelorettes

Two weeks ago, I got to spend a weekend in New York City with 7 of my favorite girls in the world, celebrating my best friend, Leah’s, bachelorette weekend! Leah is to be wed to her fiancé, Austen, in about 6 weeks (AAHHH) and the bachelorette weekend was just the start of all of the Cagwin Wedding festivities. Leah wrote a beautiful Ode to Girlfriends a few weeks ago that really describes how great it was to see all of our friends, so I thought I’d do a more light hearted recap today!

One of my favorite details of the weekend was the use of the #mrsleahcagwin hashtag that my fellow bridesmaid, Ashley, planned. There was SO. MUCH. Instagramming happening throughout the weekend and using the hash tag made it easy for us, and anyone else that wanted to follow along, to keep up.

DSC_0069Really, there was a lot of instagramming (aren’t my fellow bridesmaids beautiful?!)

DSC_0019An even better detail, the Bachelorette Weekend Survival Kits Ashley put together, complete with water bottles, Advil, lipstick, ring pops, and tic-tacs!

DSC_0046The adorable crown and veil Ashley created for the bride-to-be.

photoThe whole group on the rooftop of our hotel our last night there. We coordinated all pink for the guests and of course, white for the bride! We had quite a bit of fun, as can be seen by this picture of Kelsey our last morning in the city.

DSC_0080But don’t fret, brunch included all you can eat muffins, totally saved the day!

DSC_0113All in all, it was a FREAKING FANTASTIC weekend and I am oh so grateful for my wonderful friends and the opportunity to spend time with them in the coming months!! #mrsleahcagwin will return!

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