Emma Lou Reads: i’m kristen + this is my blog

When I stumble across a new blog, I look for one or two things when I’m deciding if I want to add it to my feedly. Are the pictures captivating and/or do the words paint a picture better than any actual image? I’m Kristen does both better than any other blog I’ve read.


I started reading Kristen’s blog right before her cowboy proposed to his princess underneath Cinderella’s Castle.


Go read this post describing the proposal, right now, I’m serious………………… I know, right?! Such a magical story. Right around that time, Kristen started posting her and Caleb’s love story in a series she calls Oh My My My (which, fingers crossed, will be a book soon!) This summer, Kristen and Caleb tied the knot in two magical weddings, one on the East Coast, the other in Caleb’s home state of Oklahoma. Both were incredibly special events, full of love and joy. Here is a tiny taste of each, but make sure you check the full posts out here and here.

_MG_6373_MG_6436 copyOKLAHOMA_RECEPTION24of130_zpsb7d06c0e

Won’t these two make the most beautiful babies?!!? Oh wait, they already have 🙂 This summer, an adorable little Morris man will make an appearance. This post that Kristen wrote to her son is my all time favorite post from her blog, and that is truly saying a lot.

Friends, you’re missing out if you don’t go check out the magical world that is I’m Kristen. I squeal a little bit every time my feedly indicates a new post from her and I may or may not be crossing my fingers that I could one day meet Kristen and have her help tell my story. Because after all, she is the most beautiful story teller.

(All pictures scooped from Kristen’s blog!)

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  1. leah jane says:

    One of my favorites!

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