Emma Lou Believes In: World Vision

On Sunday, I had the opportunity to attend a new church, Grace Community Church, with a sweet friend. I had been looking forward to this visit all week long, I’ve been looking for a church that is more diverse (both in age and race) than the one I attended last year, and my friend encouraged me to try Grace out with her. Boy, oh, boy was I floored by this community. More to come about the church as a whole, but this Sunday was so special it deserves its own post.

This particular Sunday was Compassion Sunday and there was a young woman, Olive, visiting from Atlanta. Olive was born in Uganda and was a part of the Compassion International Child Sponsorship program. She came to Grace to share her story and to provide a real life example of the change sponsorship can make to a child’s life. Olive spent a little over an hour telling us about her life in Uganda, her family and friends, the literal horrors they endured running from the rebels who would kidnap children to make them child soldiers. She told us of disease and heartbreak and encounters with pythons (PYTHONS!). But through it all, her joy, her hope, and her faith shined through.

photo copy

I currently sponsor a little boy, Freedom, who lives in Zambia. I’ve sponsored him for almost two years now, but aside from the initial introduction packet provided, I am sadden to say I haven’t communicated with him at all. To be honest, Freedom has just been another charge on my credit card for the last two years, rather than a sweet little boy on the other side of the world. That changed on Sunday. Olive still has the first letter her sponsor family sent her, it is 25 years old now. Hearing her talk about how much her life changed due to the program, not just because of the monetary aid, but because of the love and support she felt from the other side of the world, was incredible. With tears streaming down my face, I vowed to write Freedom more often, to truly value him as a person. If letters from me can help this little boy grow into a responsible, determined young man, I can spare a few minutes each month to write them.

There are multiple organizations through which to sponsor children, I go through World Vision right now but Compassion International is another well known non-profit. For only $35/month you can literally change these children’s life. I know I sound like an infomercial right now, but I’m completely serious. I know most of my readers are like me, not far out of college and fairly broke, but I’m positive there is $35 each month that you’re spending on something you don’t need.

Make a difference, chickens. This world won’t change unless we all work together.

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2 Responses to Emma Lou Believes In: World Vision

  1. Lauren Boswell says:

    I am so proud of you and so touched by this story. Once again I’m that girl in my classroom with tears down my face (I shouldn’t probably read your blog at home).
    Also can I just say I can see your exictement and hear you saying PYTHONS!! Made my morning!

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