Emma Lou Loves: Birthdays!

Alternating titled: Emma Lou’s obsession with balloons.


I LOVE birthdays. I just love them. I think there is nothing more beautiful than spending an entire day letting someone know how much you love and appreciate them and just how darn happy you are that they were born. I’m always looking for new ways to celebrate birthdays, I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to them!


One of my favorite parts of birthday parties (or any celebration) are the balloons!! And there are so many great ideas out there for fun ways to use balloons as surprises! I love this box of balloons at your doorstep idea!

f25edeb0e0bdaf31b1aed85b872739afLast year, I graduated from college the day before my 22nd birthday, so my parents were gracious enough to throw me a wonderful backyard party to celebrate all these big things! There are dozens and dozens of great pictures from that night, but my favorite is below. DSC_0272First of all, it has balloons. But mostly, it has all the wonderful people that came together to help me celebrate, in my parents backyard, one of my favorite places ever. It was just such a good day.

The point of this random, balloon filled post, is to remind you that birthdays are important. They are milestones but most of all, they are a special day, just to celebrate the people you love and remind them how blessed you are to know them.

So, wish somebody a happy birthday today, ok?

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