Emma Lou Reads: Darling Magazine

I read a lot of blogs. And guys, I mean a lot. At one point I think my Google Reader had over 150 blogs in it, most that updated at least once a day. That is a lot of reading. After attending MTH, I decided I needed to seriously cut back on my social media intake, so my  blog reader (I switched to feedly since Google Reader is closing, womp womp) only has 42 blogs in it now. But guys, they are GOOD blogs. As much as I love the good DIY or the adorable engagement session, I also love hard hitting, soul stirring, just amazing writing. I even have a board dedicated to ‘blog posts to remember.’ Today, I was perusing that board, and decided it was high time I share some of these gems I’ve come across.

Today’s blog post is from back in November, from a darling little magazine, adeptly named Darling! The post is titled “Reclaiming Delight,” go ahead, click that link and read it real fast, it’s only a few paragraphs long.


Back? Promise you read it? Ok, lets continue.


I. love. this. post. I love the pictures it creates in my head, the lines that made me nod and go, yep, I do that, and the energy I felt by the end of the post. The piece is essentially divided into two parts, describing how we have lost our whimsy, and then discussing how we can reclaim it. For the former, the part that most struck home for me was:

Adventures are replaced with lists, love is replaced with pressure (after all, everyone else is married) (amen to that part) and our dreams are replaced with a watered down, red-pen covered version- what everyone else thinks is realistically ‘do-able.'”

This is so true, right? So many of us spend days and days pinning pictures of places we want to travel, talking about how much we’d love to play outside in the rain, reminiscing on water fights as kids. Why don’t we just do them? Why does growing up mean we can’t have fun anymore?

The best part of the post? The last sentence..

The world is beautiful and fun and ridiculously funny — and I can’t think of a better way to enjoy it than to tromp around with dreams in our head, cake in our hair and shoes left far behind.”

Tell me that doesn’t make you want to walk barefoot everywhere this summer, with balloons in hand (no cake in my hair please, I get enough of that at work!)

So today, I challenge you to do something FUN. Reclaim delight. EMBRACE WHIMSY.


Seriously, do it.

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