Emma Lou Loves: Maxi Skirts

Ok, here is a nice and shallow post for you guys. With a heavy topic yesterday, and a heavier book topic coming tomorrow, I thought we should mix things up and talk about the lightest thing possible today, clothes.

Last week, I bought my first maxi skirt. I. Am. Obsessed. I haven’t worn it yet because it might be slightly see-through (but I might just say who cares and wear it when it’s dark outside) but I’m still in love. So today, I came THIS CLOSE to ordering a maxi dress, it as birthday gift to myself, and because there was free shipping and a 10% off sale (can anyone else tell I’m trying to justify this purchase to my mom?) but I just couldn’t pull the trigger. Here it is:

b9a4d929b8896b83faa757aae368a225RIGHT?!?! RIGHT?!?! I’m obsessed. I plan to check the website religiously until it goes on sale.

And because one picture isn’t enough for this post, here are three other maxi’s I’m loving…




They are just so flowy and pretty! I love love love them. Happy Wednesday, friends!! Only 3 days till my birthday!!!!!!!!

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4 Responses to Emma Lou Loves: Maxi Skirts

  1. leah jane says:

    That multicolor, watercolor-esque one is SO BEAUTIFUL.

  2. Loveee! Need to pick up one of those skirts to get ready for summer!

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