Emma Lou Writes: May Goals


I’ve been toying with where I should place my goals posts in the new structure I have set up, and I’ve decided doing them on the first Monday of each month is probably going to work best. So! Here is a recap of April’s goals and my goals for May!

April 2013 Goals:

  • Successfully co-host Leah’s bridal shower (This was a huge success! The shower was so much fun and I cannot wait for the wedding!)
  • Post on the blog five days a week, Monday-Friday (Done! I haven’t missed a day and I’m really enjoying this outlet.)
  • Read The Marriage Plot before it is due at the library! (Oooo, epic fail. I actually didn’t start and finish a book in April, but I did finish Love Does after putting off finishing it for months.)
  • Go to bed before 11pm on the nights I have to work at 7am or 8am (This was fairly successful, I would say I went to bed before 11pm 75% of the time.)
  • Continue exercising three times a week (Again, this didn’t happen as often as I would have liked, but I did exercise at least twice each week.)
  • Search for an apartment in DC (Waiting to really dive into this one at the end of this month.)

Overall, April was a good month! I was a busy, busy bee but I feel really good about everything I accomplished.

If I thought April was busy, May is about to blow it out of the water. I’m keeping my goals fairly light, as one of them is going to be to just remain sane throughout everything!

May 2013 Goals

  • Finish my toast for Leah and Austen’s wedding and practice it with Mom and Taylor.
  • Keep job/apartment hunting in D.C.
  • Attend an alumni reception my former professor is hosting in D.C. and try not to be too incredibly nervous at it!
  • Print pictures from the last year to hang in my room, make sure to label the back of each picture with the location, date, and people in it.
  • Start using my Power Sheets from Lara!

May is always one of my favorite months of the year, and one of the busiest! I’m excited for all of the events and traveling over the next few weeks.

Happy Monday and happy May! Lets hope Mother Nature remembers that it is supposed to be spring sometime soon.

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