Emma Lou Loves: Whimsey Box

The word whimsey seems to pop up a lot on this blog, doesn’t it? Today, it comes in a little box, delivered to your house each month. Sounds pretty awesome, right?


I’m not sure how I stumbled upon this company, and in full disclosure, I haven’t signed up  to receive my own Whimsey Box yet, this is just a little post musing about how awesome this idea is.

There are a lot of monthly subscription packages floating around right now, from Birch Box to Sock Panda, there is pretty much something for everyone. But this box? This one was totally made for me.


Each month the subscribers receive project instructions, supplies, a reusable box, and an orignial 5×7 print. All for $15/month. What a freaking awesome deal!!! The really got me with the original print, I love nothing more than getting new stuff to hang on my walls.

They even have a projects section on their website where everyone can share their projects, I’m obsessed. And as soon as I can stop being in super saver mode for my big move, I’m totally signing up!

How bout you? Which of these boxes appeals to you the most? I feel like my friend Kate would love the Sock Panda box, am I right, chicken?


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