Emma Lou Reads: Long Miles Coffee Project


Dreams are scary, they are big and unknown and expensive and just down right scary. Everyone knows that, some people keep their dreams hidden far far away, some people tackle them head on, and others tip toe up to their dreams and knock on the door veerrryyyy carefully, seeing if anyone will answer.


Kristy Carlson and her husband, of Long Miles Coffee Project, pretty much went running up to their dreams, barreled through the door, and announced WE’RE HERE. AND WE’RE GONNA DO THIS THING. They live in Burundi (in Africa) and are working on building a washing station for the coffee farmers there. You’ll have to check out their blog to learn more, Kristy explains it all much much better than I can, but just know that they are awesome.

One of my favorite things Kristy has ever written was a piece on Babble last October called “How I’m Launching a Big Dream.” I pinned the article way back then but hadn’t re-read it until today and I just had to share some of her ideas regarding dreams.

What if we die? What if we can’t eat? I can’t risk it. I can’t do it. What if we FAIL? I can’t live without… BELIEVE ME I’ve said ALL OF THESE. Here’s the deal: I know that this is scary. And yes, you might fail. Does that mean if you fail, that your dream was not worth it? ABSOLUTELY NOT. In the midst of a failed coffee shop, I learned valuable lessons that have shaped my future steps in ways that are more tailored to WHO I AM and the skills I possess. My fear of failure, and what people will think if I fail, has the power to immobilize me if I let it. It STOPS ME IN MY TRACKS and keeps me from ever starting. What gets me moving again is my friend Amy’s advice. She’s always telling me to get comfortable with my fear. To LIVE with it. To respect it. At first this sounded like a maniac’s quest, but then I realized that by labeling it “fear” we are already winning. Many people don’t even bother calling it “fear”… they just say they “can’t do it” and cite all the reasons why.

This part reminded me SO MUCH of a phrase that MTH alum use basically all the time: feel the fear, and do it anyway. Just do it. I repeat this to myself on a daily basis when I’m job/apartment hunting in D.C. Just do it, Em. You’ll find a job, you’ll be able to pay rent, just take the leap.

Find support in a community that inspires you, this even applies to the online communities you associate with. Will you hangout on social media to see what OTHERS are doing, or are you ready to start SOMETHING.

This is one of the many reasons I decided to finally share my blog with my real life friends, rather than just my internet ones. Because I love this community and it is such a beautiful place that I think everyone should be able to experience.

I just wanted to share Kristy’s words with you guys, to encourage anyone that is staring a dream in the face and feels a little frozen. Just feel the fear, and do it anyway. You got this.

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4 Responses to Emma Lou Reads: Long Miles Coffee Project

  1. Laicie says:

    I am SO into the idea of using your uncertainty as fuel — I love this. What an incredibly inspiring post!!

  2. Loved reading this. I think it is that uncertainty that creates all the magic 🙂 Love love love.

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