Emma Lou is Blessed: May 17, 2013

Guys, the day after tomorrow, one of best friend gets married to her best friend! Oh happy day! The festivities begin on Saturday morning! Friends are coming in from far and wide to celebrate these two and I just cannot wait. I cannot wait to wear a pretty dress and get all fancy and dance the night away with my beautiful friends.


Above is a glimpse into my packing for the weekend, I think I’m all set to go but I still feel like I’m missing something! Leah and I decided that since the last big trip we packed for was her Bach weekend in NYC, when each outfit required 8 pieces of clothing, having to only pack a dress and heels for each event just seems too easy! But I’ll take it 🙂

Have a SPLENDID weekend friends, I’ll be off toasting to two wonderful people, and I hope to wake up with sore cheeks on Monday from all the cheesin’ I’ll be doing.

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One Response to Emma Lou is Blessed: May 17, 2013

  1. leah jane says:

    SO excited to celebrate with you that I can’t stand it!!

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