Emma Lou Loves: Alex and Ani Bracelets

In addition to being the most beautiful bride in the entire world, my best friend is also one of the best gift givers in the world. For my birthday this year Leah got me three Alex and Ani bracelets. I had seen our friends Ashely and Jacqui wearing them when we were in NYC for Bach Weekend and fell in love, but I had no idea Leah remembered that and was plotting to buy me some!

Alex and Ani is an awesome company for multiple reasons. They have beautiful but modern charm bracelets, their products are made in the United States, they are eco-friendly, and some of the proceeds for different collections go to specific charities.


Leah got me three charm bracelets, each with a different meaning for my life!


The first was a cupcake to commemorate my time at my current job. While I’m so very excited to be moving soon, it will be bittersweet to leave the bakery and a job that I’ve had since I was 16.


The second was a NYC subway coin, a little part of me will always live in NYC and will always always miss those busy streets and smelly subway cars.


And the last was from the Olympic collection (it has since sold-out). I love this country, I love the Olympics, and some think I’m patriotic to the point of being weird, so this was incredibly fitting for me as well.

I love them all so much and they go beautifully with the Kate Spade bracelet Leah got all of us to ask us to be her bridesmaids! I’ve been wearing at least one of these bracelets everyday since Friday.



There are literally charms for everyone and I have quite a few in mind to buy for friends for their upcoming birthdays!

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